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Pneumatic rotary drives with high torque rating

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FESTO has added the NAMUR valve, the scotch-yoke design Sypar DAPS rotary actuator and the DAPZ sensor box to its range of Copar rotary actuators and COPAC DLP Linear actuators.

The NAMUR valve is based on Festo’s Tiger Valve design for intrinsically safe and standard models.

The Sypar DAPS rotary actuator is for use with ¼ turn valves. The scotch-yoke design allows high breakaway torque to be produced.

The DAPZ sensor boxes offer a wide choice of sensing facilities, connections, design options and areas of application.

Pneumatic actuators are suitable for process automation because they can operate under constant load, are maintenance free for their entire service life and are tolerant of overload.

The force and torque generated by a pneumatic actuator can be increased by raising the operating pressure. This is useful for overcoming the higher breakaway resistance of valves resulting from accumulations of dirt.

Pneumatic drives are equally suitable for use in explosion-hazard areas.

Except for end-position sensing and a compressed-air supply connection, pneumatic actuators require no monitoring or control functions.

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