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FESTO is responding to a strong demand from the processing industry for pneumatic rotary drives with torque ratings of up to 8,800Nm and weighing as much as 150kg and more.

The company’s pneumatic rotary drive Copar DRD/DRE rotary actuators are used to operate ball valves in many power plants and natural-gas installations and shut-off valves in water and sewage-treatment facilities.

The company this year presented its Copac DLP linear drives, linear actuators for shut-off valves and sluice gates, Namur valves based on its ‘Tiger’ valves, and Copar rotary actuators and its new Sypar DAPS rotary actuators and its DAPZ sensor boxes.

The Sypar DAPS rotary actuator is a Scotch-yoke design for use with 90° valves and said to be an ideal complement to Copar. The Scotch-yoke design allows high breakaway torque to be produced. The DAPZ sensor boxes expands the company’s existing range of sensor boxes for rotary actuators and offer a choice of sensing facilities, connections, design options and areas of application.

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