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FESTO’s CDN Clean Design cylinder is a cylinder of choice where hygiene and cleanliness are priorities.

Sealed all round and with smooth, curved surfaces, nothing adheres to its surface and time for cleaning is reduced to a minimum.

The standard sensors and the end position cushioning are housed with the CDN cylinder.

Primarily designed for installation in splash zones in the food industry, the CDN is also suitable for other cleaning-intensive applications in different branches of industry.

Cleaning periods mean downtimes and downtimes are unproductive. The CDN minimises cleaning time by way of prevention through its literally "clean design" i.e., large, positive radii and smooth surfaces, free of slots and indentations.

Thanks to the easy to clean design of these cylinders, they merely require mildly acidic cleaning agents and are therefore also environmentally friendly.

Even with the effects of short-term cleaning processes at 100ºC, the CDN remains a cool customer. The CDN's high functionality and long service life have already been proven.

The technology and general dimensions are based on the tried and tested standard cylinder to ISO 6431.

Piston diameters range from 32 to 100mm and stroke lengths in x-length production from 10 to 500mm.

In conformance with USDA, standard features are the lubricating grease suitable for the food industry and the adjustable PPV end position cushioning.

The wiper material is PUR, which is suitable for a very wide range of applications. Moreover, a selection of several piston rod designs and mounting attachments is available in stainless steel.

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