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Low contact OGGB grippers from Festo use the Bernoulli principle

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article image The low-contact OGGB gripper based on the Bernoulli principle
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Festo  introduces the fast, low-contact grip wafers as a real alternative to suction cups for handling highly sensitive solar cells and other fragile workpieces.

Festo’s OGGB grippers employ the Bernoulli principle to transport thin, flexible workpieces quietly, economically, reliably and quickly.

Compressed air is accelerated to supersonic speed through a tiny gap, producing a powerful vacuum on the underside of the gripper. The Bernoulli suction cup picks the wafer up gently and holds it reliably. The necessary vacuum can be controlled by means of the operating pressure while the maximum lift height can also be precisely adjusted.

This is especially important when handling sensitive workpieces such as solar cells so that the wafers are reliably handled with the same settings at all times. The wafers rest on inserts made from POM, PEEK or stainless steel depending on the application.

The low contact OGGB grippers also offer another advantage over conventional suction cups by not allowing any dirt to get into the system, eliminating the need for costly filter systems.

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