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Latest-generation electromechanical axes set new performance for motion control industry

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Suitable for use in gantry-type materials handling, supplying and transporting systems, the new EGC electromechanical axes offer exceptional feed force, speed, acceleration and torque resistance characteristics.  

The new series is likely to open up entirely new application areas for high performance single- and multi-axis motion control.

The EGC series axes offers a choice of toothed belt or ball screw drive mechanisms with numerous variants in both categories enabling OEMs and system integrators to easily choose an actuator that is optimally matched to their application needs.  

The new EGC axes are particularly easy to install. A hollow drive pinion, combined with a new design of elastomer motor coupling featuring an expanding shaft, provides a simple, backlash-free connection.  

The new EGC series of electric linear drives is now available for local manufacture allowing quicker delivery times for customers.  

Key features of EGC electromechanical axes:  

  • Main body is constructed from extruded aluminium
  • Internal arch-shaped structure provides superior rigidity and load bearing capabilities, combined with very low mass
  • Stainless steel guide rail mounted externally allows the moving carriage to accommodate large cantilever
  • Includes both toothed belt and ball screw versions to accommodate carriage twisting moments of up to 185 Nm
  • Available as standalone products or as part of complete motion control solutions
  • Fully compatible with Festo's range of stepper and servo motors, as well as the modular multi-axis system
  • Can also be used with any third-party motors
  • Accessories include extra guide units, axial motor mounting kits, foot mounts, adapter plates and drag chain connector

Key features of toothed belt axes:

  • Available with a choice of 50, 70, 80, 120 and 185mm wide profiles
  • Capable of generating feed forces as high as 2,500 N, handling speeds up to 5 metres/second and acceleration rates up to 50 metres/second
  • External guide arrangement results in use of smaller belt pulleys
  • Unique cover opening and securing mechanism allows the belt to be replaced without dismantling the axis

Key features of ballscrew axes: 

  • Especially suitable for short cycle time applications that demand very high feed forces and extremely accurate and repeatable positioning
  • Available with 70, 80, 120 or 185mm wide profiles and standard stroke lengths of up to 3 metres
  • Spindle features a noise optimised design
  • Axis body fitted with non-metallic, clip-in cover band to guard against ingress of contaminants
  • Capable of generating feed forces as high as 3,000 N, providing positioning accuracies to within ±20 microns

The EGC series of electric drives is available from Festo .

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