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Highly modular MPA-L valve terminals from Festo

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Festo offers a range of highly modular valve terminals that come with individual sub-bases for single-step modularity.

The MPA-L valve terminals are cost-effective and universal in use, and are suitable for special machine building as well as any application where maximised modularity and top pneumatic performance need to be combined at an attractive price.

High pneumatic performance is ensured in the MPA-L valve terminals with high flow rates, integrated manual pressure regulator as well as flexible pressure supply and creation of different pressure zones.

Pneumatic performance is also facilitated through generously sized supply ducts for simultaneous and reliable switching of multiple valves as well as lightweight and corrosion-resistant sub-bases made from plastic.

The flexible MPA-L valve terminals with individual sub-bases are modular in single steps, allowing the pneumatic performance to be perfectly adapted to any application while simultaneously saving space and money.

Mechanical connection is by means of modular tie-rods while sub-bases and compressed air supplies can be combined with each other as required. The modular tie-rod system allows individual valves to be combined with each other at any time or the valve terminal to be expanded in single steps.

The valve terminals offer excellent durability and reliability for high flow rates and expandability for up to 32 valves, which is extremely beneficial in harsh operating conditions. Simple and reliable assembly ensures total flexibility, in particular when changes to the machine and system design demand quick reactions.

Key features of MPA-L valve terminals: 

  • Modular tie-rod system offers flexibility and stability to combine individual valves at any time or expand the valve terminal in single steps 
  • Individual valve functions can be assigned to specific machine functions 
  • Inexpensive 4-valve sub-bases offer additional cost advantages 
  • Lightweight materials with improved corrosion resistance 
  • Replaceable push-in fittings 
  • Pneumatic supply from the front or the side 
  • Fieldbus or multi-pin valve terminal with IP40 and IP65 protection 
  • Parallel, internal valve linking 
  • Easy configuration with the product configurator 

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