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Festo presents DSBF Clean Design standard cylinders

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Festo  presents the DSBF Clean Design standard cylinders for use in the food industry.

DSBF Clean Design standard cylinders are suitable for use in the food, beverage and packaging industries with their smooth surfaces, large radii and absence of dirt traps.  

The dimensions of these reliable standard cylinders comply with ISO 15552. DSBF Clean Design standard cylinders are easy to clean and corrosion- resistant, and come with a variety of mounting accessories.  

Suitable for the food industry, DSBF Clean Design standard cylinders use USDA-H1 lubricating grease and employ FDA-compliant wiper seals to avoid any problem arising out of contact with food. The sensor mounting options for the DSBF are also hygienically designed.  

DSBF Clean Design standard cylinders are durable and sturdy thanks to a special coating that prevents damage from conventional cleaning agents. The optional dry-running seal enables a long service life for the DSBF cylinder even when cleaned frequently.  

The DSBF is efficient and hygienic thanks to the self-adjusting end position cushioning PPS. No adjusting screw is needed for the end-position cushioning, and the cushioning characteristics are always set for optimum performance.  

Festo offers Clean Design valve terminals, fittings and flow control valves as well as tubing resistant to hydrolysis and cleaning agents.  

SMT-C1 electronic proximity sensors  

  • Made using materials suitable for the food industry
  • Resistant to cleaning agents
  • Temperature and damp-resistant
  • Suitable for all Festo Clean Design drives with mounting rails


  • 5m cable length, open end
  • 10m cable length, open end
  • 30cm cable length, M12 plug connector
  • 30cm cable length, M8 plug connector

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