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Festo HGRT radial grippers offer precise gripping under high torque loads

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The lightweight HGRT radial grippers from Festo are manufactured for maximum torque resistance and reliable gripping even with long gripper jaws or under high forces. They have been designed with precise kinematics for a long service of life of up to 10 million switching cycles.

The HGRT radial grippers are lightweight and suitable for use in extreme environments. Their housing is carbide coated aluminium, which offers the same mechanical properties as steel, whilst being significantly lighter and their sealing air connection protects the gripper from penetration by damaging contaminant particles such as dust and drilling emulsion.

The radial grippers have adjustable options for both the sensors and opening jaw angle. They come with 4 integrated stroke sensitive sensor slots, which eliminate contour interference, or can be used with a switch lug and mounted external sensors. The opening jaw angle of the grippers can be freely adjusted up to 90 degrees to save cycle time and prevent collision of the gripper jaws when opened too wide.

The HGRT gripper is both reliable and precise thanks to its optional centring pins and rings for precision gripping and compression spring gripping force backup for continued grip in case of pressure failure. The radial gripper can draw compressed air directly via the adapter plate eliminating the need for pneumatic tubing necessary for standard air connections.

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