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FESTO has released the DGEA toothed-belt driven electric boom-arm axis. It is intended for positioning applications with cantilever motions. The separation of profile, drive head and motor ensures minimum displaced mass and maximum dynamic response with short cycle times.

It works quickly in wide-ranging positioning applications. This is made possible by its efficient drive principle. A fixed pinion in the drive head works its way in an omega-shaped path along a stationary toothed belt. This sets the profile in motion while the motor and slide stay where they are. The flat design of the drive head significantly reduces vibration in boom operation. A roller-bearing guide integrated into the housing ensures precise guidance while at the same time protecting the DGEA drive from dirt.

The DGEA is also suitable for pick and place and gantry applications. Standardised mounting slots for all Festo axes include dovetail, slot nut and adapter plates. They allow connection to all 300 components of the modular system for handling and assembly.

Servo and stepper motors are available as drives for the DGEA. Dependable electrical positioning is ensured by the SEC-AC all-digital positioning servo controller. The drive packages include the option of the motor brake which is essential for vertical applications.

MTR-AC servo motors have also been added to the modular positioning system. They are designed to harmonise with the DGEA electrical boom-arm axes as well as all DGE drives. The configuration data for the SEC-AC supplied by Festo ensures fast and easy commissioning, while the built-in resolver guarantees smooth running together with maximum drive power. A high peak torque rating of 2.5x the zero-speed torque means that ample reserves of acceleration are available even for highly-dynamic motion sequences.

The DGEA is available with a maximum speed of 2.1m/s with payload of up to 50kg. It comes in sizes from 18mm to 40mm and with stroke lengths from 100mm to 1000mm.

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