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Festo offers the cost-optimised ELGR toothed belt axis designed for automation tasks with relatively low requirements for load, dynamic response and precision.  

Offering a longer service life of 5,000km, ELGR toothed belt axis is available in 3 sizes with strokes of up to 1.5m, speed of 3 m/s and repetition accuracy of ±0.1mm.  

The ELGR toothed belt axis typically finds application in the semiconductor industry, electronics industry, light assembly industry, metalwork industry, small parts mounting, optical industry, precision mechanics, laboratory automation and industrial packing machines.  

Typical fields of application:  

  • Pick & Place tasks and transportation of small masses (<15kg) with low requirements for repetition accuracy and process forces 
  • Centring packages on conveyor belts with slides running in opposite directions 
  • Positioning packages on conveyor belts 
  • Activating safety doors in processing machines 
  • Pusher function on conveyor belts     
Key features of ELGR toothed belt axis:  
  • Identical mounting accessories and open motor interface allow mounting of third-party motors 
  • Simple layout of the axis together with the PositioningDrives software and predefined parameter sets in the FCT configuration software allow quick operation 
  • Space-saving, easy-to-operate end position sensing ensures greater safety when the unit is in operation 
  • SIES-8M inductive proximity sensor together with a sensor switch and switch lug can be built onto the axis optionally 
  • One slide is joined to the toothed belt, while the second slide moves freely and provides an extended guide     
  • Sliding bushings 
  • Ball bearings for higher speeds and loads 
  • Long slide for higher loads 
  • 1 or 2 additional slides 
  • Sensor bracket and switch lug for end position sensing 
  • Axial kits for Festo servo and stepper motors 
  • Profile mountings

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