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EHMB rotary/lifting modules from Festo

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EHMB rotary/lifting modules from Festo combine rotary and linear motion with flexible, independent movement positioning in one unit.  

Offering stable guidance and ability to be matched with a wide range of axes and motors, EHMB rotary/lifting modules can be adapted to any application quickly.  

Featuring a hollow shaft with a large internal diameter, EHMB rotary/lifting modules offer convenience, reliability and ease in installing cables and tubes for grippers and sensors.  

The EHMB saves a considerable amount of design and assembly time for machine builders by offering a choice of a powerful pneumatic drive DNC for movement between two positions or a freely programmable electric drive DNCE.    

Suitable for a wide range of handling applications, EHMB rotary/lifting modules are ideal for Cartesian systems with an integral Z movement in the smaller size 20, while the larger size 25 can also be used as a stationary system for loading, unloading and stacking applications. The two axes can move independently of one another in these applications.  

Key modular features of EHMB rotary/lifting modules:  

  • Servo or stepper motors and intelligent motor units can be used as electric drives 
  • Electric drive DNCE or pneumatic drive DNC can be used for the linear axis 
  • Mounting interfaces correspond to those used in existing pneumatic actuators (DRQD), providing access to a wide range of accessories 

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