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EGSL electric mini slides available from Festo offer superior performance and extreme precision in vertical applications and short-stroke slide functions with variable positioning.  

The precision, load capacity and dynamic response of the EGSL electric mini slides with strokes of up to 300mm enable efficient positioning.  

Ideal for high-precision sliding, picking and inserting, even under high mechanical loads, EGSL electric mini slides offer linearity and parallelism in the 1/100mm range. Free positioning is possible with a repetition accuracy of ≤ ±0.02mm.  

The powerful and safe EGSL electric mini slides feature very high load rating, making them ideal for vertical applications such as pressing and joining. The spindle is fully covered to ensure safety by preventing the ingress of dust and other particles.  

EGSL electric mini slides allow motors to be fitted laterally or axially with a choice of four mounting positions in the case of axial fitting. Lateral mounting is enabled with a parallel kit.  

Two EGSL slides can be directly screwed together to make a pick and place unit. Special software tools are available for safe configuration and quick installation.

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