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Compressed-air preparation range expanded

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article image MS12 -- ideal for central and decentral air supply systems.
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FESTO has expanded its range of MS series air preparation service units with the addition of the giant MS12 unit capable of delivering 22,000 litres a minute of compressed air.

The MS12 offers users everything they are looking for in terms of high flow rates in small compressed-air distribution networks.

Joining the smaller models MS4 (grid dimension 40mm) and MS6 (grid dimension 62mm), the MS12 is the ultimate power package.

It shares many features with its smaller relatives, such as the familiar functionality coupled with a pleasing aesthetic design. This makes installations neat and tidy and helps save space - with a grid dimension of 124mm (MS12).

The fact that the MS12 is bigger not only in terms of size but also flow rate is demonstrated by its technical data, delivering a systematic flow rate of up to 22,000L/min of high-quality compressed air.

It can be freely combined with six individual modules and is ideal for central and decentral air supply systems. The new MS12 service unit is thus a welcome sight both as a central unit with coarse filtration of particles and also for fine filtration in applications with high air consumption.

The MS series is based on the idea of maximum modularity. The system concept ensures fast installation and flexible combinations.

A further advantage of the modular MS system is that a suitable solution can be compiled and ordered as a fully tested and assembled unit under one part number.

Ten standard solutions are available as stock items. The emphasis is on saving money, since the ordering procedure is simplified and users need only maintain low stocks of components.

Fourteen freely combinable function modules are available which ensure that a tailor-made solution can be created. Flexible mounting systems mean changing over to the MS series is no problem.

Standard equipment

Integrated pressure gauges save space and are more reliable. The all-metal bowl guards of the filter and lubricator modules - essential with the giant MS12 - provide reliable protection against mechanical and chemical stresses. In the case of the small MS4 and MS6 models, heavy-duty metal bowl guards are available as an alternative to plastic.

The MS series also has standard features such as lockable regulators and on/off valves, which can be fitted with up to 6 locks in series to prevent unauthorised adjustment or system start-ups. Soft start valves are also available to provide a gradual pressure build-up and avoid abrupt and unpredictable motions of cylinders.

The modular MS system offers more local flexibility, allowing any desired combination of regulators, filters, valves, branching modules, lubricators, sensors and dryers according to the requirements of a given application.

The service unit can be integrated into assembly lines to allow easy commissioning and rapid replacement of individual components if necessary - without the need to dismantle the whole unit.

Customer-specific combinations are very simple to produce. Individual air preparation solutions can be compiled with the help of the configurator in Festo's electronic catalogue.

The system offers various grades of filters, air dryers and condensate separators to remove particles from compressed air supplies. The new delta-p indicator helps ensure clean air. Designed for use with fine and micro filters, this differential pressure indicator shows red when it is time to change a filter cartridge.

Depending on requirements and conditions, users can opt for semi- automatic or integrated fully-automatic condensate separators. The version with external level control takes care of coarse contamination.

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