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CPX-4AE-P pressure sensor modules from Festo

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Festo presents a range of I/O modules designed for all processes with pressure sensors.  

The CPX-4AE-P pressure sensor modules offer a high level of function integration in compact spaces. The IP65/IP67 pressure sensor modules simplify installation in the field as well as engineering in process automation or manufacturing processes.  

CPX-4AE-P pressure sensor modules eliminate external sensors, reducing space requirement as well as the time required until safe commissioning. The hose simply needs to be connected to the 100% pretested module.  

Key features of CPX-4AE-P pressure sensor modules:  

  • Four QS plug connectors (4mm) per module save channel costs 
  • Channel-orientated diagnostics minimise downtime for the long term 
  • Simple function integration into existing fieldbus/Ethernet networks also reduces system costs 
  • Eliminates complicated pressure value engineering 
  • Absolute values for parameterisation, diagnostics and evaluation instantly available with no conversion required 
  • Values are directly transmitted to the control program as mbar, psi and kPa via fieldbus and displayed on the LCD display 
  • Integrated components including I/O, cable, plug and pressure sensors save time and lower costs    
Key benefits:  
  • Lower cost from shorter installation time because individual sensors are replaced in the field 
  • Lower system costs via function integration into Festo CPX/MPA valve terminals increase effectiveness 
  • Little or no downtime as a result of remote diagnostics and condition monitoring via fieldbus/ Ethernet increases efficiency

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