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CMXR-C2 robotic controllers from Festo combine the convenience of a robotic controller with the flexibility of a PLC.  

These robotic controllers from the CMXR series extend their range of applications right up to the complex handling of moving objects on several conveyor systems. 

Typical applications of the CMXR-C2 robotic controllers include tripod with tracking and link to vision systems, simple handling with a Cartesian linear gantry, tracking of moving objects as well as gluing, coating and cutting.      

The integrated CoDeSys PLC in CMXR-C2 robotic controllers is equipped with various interfaces that facilitate individual integration in higher-order controllers or the linking of peripheral devices such as vision systems. Even motion programs can be optimised via the CDSA teach pendant.  

100% path accuracy at optimum cycle times is ensured thanks to the intelligent dynamic limiter that monitors the limit values of the integrated motors and drive mechanics.  

In addition to tracking moving objects and directly linked vision systems, the CMXR-C2 also defines speed-independent switching points on the path, enhancing process reliability and quality in various gluing or sealing applications.  

Key features of CMXR-C2 robotic controllers:  

  • Robot control with powerful motion control core 
  • Integrated coordinate transformations 
  • Modular control system with a number of extension modules from the CECX series 
  • Interfaces adapted to external systems 
  • Integrated CoDeSys PLC 
  • Optional CDSA teach pendant with 2-channel safety switches and emergency stop 
  • Switching points on the path 
  • Path speed output 
  • Intelligent dynamic limiter continuously monitors the physical axis limits and ensures path accuracy 
  • Definition of tool centre points (TCP) in the space 
  • Tool coordinate system in the tool centre point (TCP) for easy teaching 
  • Reduced speed in manual operation 
  • Repositioning of the kinematics after program interrupt 
  • Intuitive configuration with the Festo Configuration Tool (FCT) saves cost 
  • Easy storage of all types of project data 
  • Easy to understand textual programming using the Festo Teach Language (FTL) 
  • Comprehensive command set for movements, dynamic response and program control    
Powerful motion control core  
  • Synchronous point-to-point (PTP) motion, Cartesian linear and circular interpolations 
  • Optional wrist axes for tool orientation 
  • Smooth position transitions for gentle mechanical system motion 
  • Individual speed, acceleration and jerk programming 
  • Different acceleration ramps 
  • Constant path speed with monitoring

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