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Industrial metal polishes from Ferro finishing

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Ferro Finishing  supplies a wide range of products to the metal finishing industry. Ferro Finishing manufactures polishes for the surface improvement of metals, fibreglass, lacquers, automotive paints, natural stones, plastics, ceramics, wood and imitation marble.

The polishes manufactured by Ferro Finishing is used to provide finishing touches a number of manufactured articles such as automotive paint, stainless steel cutlery and kitchenware, marine products, aluminium kitchenware, jewellery and watches, hotel and shopping centre fittings, bull bars and balustrades.

The polishes manufactured and supplied by Ferro Finishing can also be used on items such as hospital furniture, fiberglass, boat fittings, kitchen bench tops, lacquered furniture, aircraft, plastic sinks, chrome plated appliances, musical instruments, ornaments and semi-precious stones.

Ferro Finishing polishes are used in services as well as repair industries such as car detailers, smash repairers, car and truck yards, aviation, transport companies, vintage car military and motor bike restorers, musical instrument restorers, hotels and shopping centres.

The SISAL SHINE - U from Ferro Finishing is designed for achieving high brightness and good cut in all types of metals, including stainless steel. The SISAL SHINE - U is recommended for surfaces that are smooth and are free of deep scratches.

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