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Industrial metal polishes from Ferro Finishing

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Ferro Finishing  is a well established company that offers quality products for the Australian market. Providing quality products to its clients has been the hallmark of Ferro Finishing. Ferro Finishing has 33 years of experience in serving the mining industry.

Ferro Finishing has conducted a lot of research in abrasive technology and surface chemistry. All the products offered by Ferro Finishing are made on the basis of research. Ferro Finishing has developed polishes that bring out the maximum surface improvement and provides a smooth surface after the application of the polish.

All Ferro polish is applied by the shaving off method. Under this system the surface elevation is removed with the help of abrasives and chemicals. The Ferro industrial polish developed by Ferro Finishing is applied through rotating buffs or by hand rubbing with a cotton cloth. The Ferro industrial polish is primarily applied to smooth the metals, other surfaces and to provide aesthetic appeal to manufactured items.

The industrial metal polishes are supplied either in solid or liquid form. The solid industrial metal polish is well suited for manual application and the liquid version are well suited in terms of polishing machines.

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