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Automotive paints from Ferro Finishing

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Ferro Finishing  supplies a range of products and solutions to many industries in Australia. Ferro Finishing is involved in cutlery and cookware manufacturing, jewellery, automotive repair, marine, watch making and manufacturing vibrato finishing additives.

Ferro Finishing also supplies automotive paint, brass and copper, aluminium, lacquered surfaces and polymers, fibreglass and polyester, precious metals, stainless steel and steel, plastic imitation marbles.

The automotive polish range from Ferro Finishing is a specially formulated polish that fills and hides scratches in automotive paint. The micro abrasives present in Ferro Finishing polish converts the uneven surface to a permanently smooth one, levelling the surface contours down to the lowest points in microscopic valleys instead of providing a short term coating of shiny wax. This allows the strong, healthy paint beneath without deteriorating the paint layers. Tripoli is one of the favoured compounds for aluminium bull bar manufacturing plants.

Chrome and trim polishes are most suitable for metal parts. The Reflection Metal Polish from Ferro Finishing is ideal for stainless steel, chrome, aluminium and brass trims. Ferro Finishing offers five colour polishes in terms of polishing precious metals. All five products are very dry or non-greasy that allows the polisher to observe the progress of his work in order to minimise the need for cleaning. To remove tarnish and increase brightness of jewellery Ferro Finishing supplies a range of polishing cloth.

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