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Unique new meter enables pH and temperature measurements using an iPhone or iPod

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A US-based manufacturer of sensors for water applications has unveiled a unique new meter that allows users to connect a sensor to their iPhone or iPod to take pH, reference and temperature measurements.

Rather than being a sensor in and of itself, Sensorex's PH-1 meter is designed to connect to the company's S200C/BNC combination pH electrodes or Model S293/30K/BNC/2.5 three-in-one pH/reference/temperature electrodes.

Once connected, Sensorex states that the new PH-1 meter:
  • measures pH accurately
  • presents the data in an easy to read format; and
  • supports email transmission of critical readings.
To use the meter, users simply plug the accessory into an iPhone or iPod and follow the on screen instructions to download the free application from the Apple App Store. Next, users connect the PH-1 module to the sensor, and the application provides a real-time display of:
  • pH
  • millivolts
  • ambient temperature; and
  • solution temperature.
The applications for such a device are numerous, but Sensorex notes that one particularly useful application for the meter is in environmental testing and monitoring. In such an application, if the PH-1 meter is used with a GPS-enabled device, it embeds a time/date/location stamp with each measurement taken.

The meter will thus record where and when measurements were taken, with results grouped by location or date. Data can then be emailed to a central records office in .csv file format (compatible with Microsoft Excel).

When used in this way, the PH-1 meter can be a powerful tool for eliminating the chance of transcription errors and improving efficiency.

When used in industrial processes and plants, the PH-1 meter is useful for taking pH measurements in easy to reach locations, in addition to being taken to other distant locations where fixed instruments are unnecessary or too costly.

The PH-1 meter and pH electrodes are sold separately or as a kit by Sensorex and do not include an iPhone or iPod. Four different pH electrode sensor kit options are available with choices of sensor electrodes, connectors and cables.

Currently compatible with iPods and iPhones, Sensorex notes that optimised approved software will be available in late July for connecting the PH-1 meter to an iPad.

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