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The mining sector is driving the QLD economy

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article image Mining sector supports one in eight QLD jobs
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The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) says new figures that show that in 2010-11 the mining sector supported one in eight QLD jobs. And mining delivered one in every five dollars of the state's economy through spending in the state.

QRC Chief Executive Michael Roche says that the sector provided a $25.2 billion stimulus to the economy in the 2010-2011 financial year. This figure represents an increase of 13 % on the previous year's spending, particularly by the coal and the coal seam gas sectors.

And Roche clearly has a positive view of the mining sector's environmental impact.

“The resource sector’s extraordinary economic contribution involved disturbance of just a tiny 0.09 percent of the state’s land mass by mining and gas operations,” he says.

Highlights in 2010-2011 of the resource sector’s regional impact* include:

  • In the Brisbane area, there was a 20 % lift in resource company spending. This meant that the sector accounted for 21 % of the region’s economic output and 12 % of their jobs.
  • In the greater Mackay region, the resource sector now is responsible for two-thirds of all jobs, while in the Fitzroy region, the figure is 55 % of jobs.
Roche claims that this is just the beginning. He points out that there are a further 66 resource sector projects either under study, committed or under construction. Combined, these would equate to capital expenditure of $142 billion out to 2020.

Furthermore, he says that if all the identified projects proceed, there would be the need for 40,000 employees in direct resource sector roles and a further four to five jobs created indirectly throughout Queensland.  

* Figures are for the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Queensland statistical divisions.

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from suburbanbloke's Flickr photo stream

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