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The Average Quantity System ensures accurate weighing and can help your bottom line

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What is AQS?

The Average Quantity System (AQS) is a standardised means of measuring packaged articles which claim to hold a ‘constant nominal content'.

It is recognised internationally and it covers a number of measurements, such as weight, volume, length, and number of items. Where industrial weighing is concerned, it is used to confirm correct weight.

How can it benefit your business? 

The AQS is voluntary in Australia, but those manufacturers who take up the scheme are likely to find some benefits heading their way:

  • It allows you to cut back on UTML compliance costs incurred because of the need to pack contents above the stated weight for fear of not meeting the required weight.
  • Exporters who comply with AQS can be more confident that their goods won’t be rejected once they arrive at their destination.
  • As such, businesses with the AQS ‘e-mark’ find exporting easier. They can easily find trading partners.
  • It allows for statistical sampling methods. These offer a good assurance that what is stated on the label is accurate.
The three rules

Packers and importers must comply with three AQS rules:

  • The average net content in a sample mustn’t be less than the quantity marked on the packs.
  • There is allowance for a small number of pre packages to exceed a ‘tolerable deficiency’.
  • No packages in the sample can have over twice the prescribed tolerable deficiency.  
What else?

To ensure that standards are met and maintained, packers and importers must carry out enough weighing checks to make sure that all packages meet the correct measurements.

This ensures that, whenever trade measurement inspectors do visit your factory, they will be checking what policies and procedures you have in place to make sure your packing and weighing systems are accurate, reliable, and consistent.

If all goes to plan and your AQS standards are maintained, consumers will be happy, your business partners will be happy and you will be happy.

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