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Ten Tips on how to get a mining job: Steps to take and avoid to get a mine job Part One

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Despite the resources downturn many are still seeking to get into mining. This article provides advice on some of the pitfalls to avoid.
Risk management consultant Mervyn Sher takes you through some of the steps.

What with the slowing down of the mega construction projects and the cutting back and mine closures being sadly experienced by those in the mining industry, particularly coal and gold, thousands of Australians are now out of work, and their skillsets which cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to develop are not being utilised.

Being out of work in a buoyant and robust economy is usually a short break before the next gig, and usually has no adverse or negative impact on the workers or their families.

However, when faced with a complete industry slowdown as we are experiencing at present, these dynamics very quickly change from “she’ll be right” to something far more sinister as savings dwindle and no sight of a new job appears in the offing.

It is in times like this that workers seeking employment are at their most vulnerable, not only from the pressures of their families and financial obligations (mortgage, leases, hire purchase etc.), but from a particularly nasty and self-serving individual called a Bodgie Recruitment Consultant (and you can add in labour hire as well).

When you are on your knees because you can’t get meaningful employment in your industry, this is the individual that will promise you the world and instead of delivering it, will put any future employment chances that you may have had at total risk!!!

Please take a moment to click here and read this article by Liz Ryan, CEO and founder of Human workplace.

There is some amazing and very scary insight into how much damage your Resume can do you if it falls into the wrong hands.

When you have finished her article, please return to this one, as I wish to add to her article, not repeat it.

Now, over the last 12 months I have made several comments relating to the recruitment agents and HR personnel that “service” our construction, mining and oil & gas industries.

Not all of the comments were necessarily friendly towards these entities, and I make no apologies for them.

I’ve also received over seventy emails from readers of Mining Australia, all which had a central theme – Recruiters promising the world and not delivering.

Allow me to explain, but firstly and for clarity, this article is not for the dumb and the desperate, the whingers and whiners.

It is for the thousands of decent workers who contribute to our industry and society in general, and who are deserving of all the help that we, as individuals and as a community can give them.

Your Resume is your personal history. It is unique, it has value, it has worth.

A Resume is like a Credit Rating, it shows capability to perform, balance, integrity, and above all it shows continuity.

With these basis points, with references added, you would obtain a loan from a bank.

The same applies when job hunting!

Now the difference between applying for a loan and job hunting is that the financial services industry has voluminous legislation regulating it, with a Regulator who actively pursues recalcitrant or deviant behaviours – with severe consequences, and job hunting has no protection whatsoever.

Remember this – you have limited or no protection under law from unscrupulous Recruiters once you hand your Resume over to them. It’s like giving a loan shark access to your credit card and bank details.

The chances of you ever getting anything back, let alone justice, is extremely remote.

And besides which, the damage that they can and will do to you with Employers will remain unseen and unchallenged – the result of course will be that you do not gain employment.

Click here to read Part 2, and the ten tips to help you get a mining job.

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