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Safety Focus: identifying food allergens in food production lines

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article image Arrow Scientific's food allergen test kits can be used immediately when stored at room temperature
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In this article, we will take a more direct approach to the issue of food allergens in food manufacturing, discussing food allergen tests from HACCP tests and equipment supplier Arrow Scientific .

Food allergens can be a costly risk for food manufacturers, not only from cross contamination of allergens in food production, but also from those found naturally in raw material.

It is important, then, that any potential food allergens be identified as soon as possible in the production line to prevent compromised products from reaching consumers.

For this purposes, Arrow Scientific provides AgraQuant Allergen ELISA Kits and AgraStrip Allergen Test Strips, which are designed to ensure laboratory standards results when food allergen testing.

Importantly, the kits provide immediate results for faster management and strategy implementation.

Requiring little training, Arrow Scientific's test kits can be used on:
  • raw materials
  • in-process material
  • finished products; and
  • liquid samples.
They can also be used to swab surfaces, helping to ensure that all relevant areas of the production environment are confirmed as allergen free.

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