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Orange oil just the start for tyres worldwide, says Yokohama MD

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The Managing Director of a leading tyre brand in Australia believes his company has taken an enormous first step towards environmental responsibility, which is likely to influence all tyre manufacturers around the world.

Mr Tatsuya (Tim) Murata, Managing Director of Yokohama Tyre Australia says that orange oil, a by-product from the food processing industry is being used to replace some petroleum-based oil content at a nano particle level in its BluEarth AE01 eco-tyre. He views this development as a watershed moment in the global tyre sector.

Mr Murata explains that by including orange oil in this new eco-tyre, the company has not only introduced a genuine eco focused tyre, but is also meeting strong performance expectations of the consumer market for more tyre malleability with increased lifespan.

According to Mr Murata, the BluEarth AE01 is a massive achievement by Yokohama Tyre Australia and it does challenge the entire industry to focus on developing more eco-friendly and carbon conscious tyre solutions.

Across all business sectors, products and services of all persuasions are being developed specifically to reduce carbon footprint for businesses, particularly in countries where carbon credit systems are highly influential. What Yokohama as a tyre manufacturer is proving is that with the right R&D platform tyres can now be made more eco-friendly.

Business owners and fleet managers around Australia can now operate knowing that even their tyres have reduced petroleum oil content and improved grip, and they also are saving fuel and reducing the frequency at which they need to replace tyres.

Key advantages of Yokohama’s BluEarth AE01 eco tyres:

  • Eco-friendly orange oil (derived from orange peel) and inert silica are combined to ensure the tyres are nearly 10% lighter
  • Lighter tyres reduce fuel usage by around 8-10%
  • Lower rolling resistance sees a vehicle require less power to drive along, therefore using less power and burning less fuel
  • Delivers longer than average tyre life
  • Reduces hydroplaning leading to increased grip in wet conditions
  • Average 50km extra distance on a standard fuel tank
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