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Optimising Industrial Supply Chains: Vehicle Loading Systems

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article image Unlike other manual handling equipment, Schmalz vacuum lifters can still be operated in the event of a power failure
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In this series, Ferret.com.au looks at products designed to assist manufacturers and distributors to enhance productivity and optimise management of the supply chain. Part three, discussing supply chain management software, can be found by clicking here.

So far in this series, Ferret.com.au has looked at products designed to enhance productivity in most areas of a warehouse or distribution facility, from fault detection on the production line, through to shipping management software that is designed to guarantee 100% accuracy.

One area so far neglected, however, deals directly with product handling, and the procedures necessary to physically shift products from the factory floor to a truck or other vehicle, ready for shipping.

Ferret.com.au has previously looked at the various risks associated with manual handling, and provided a number of solutions for assisting workers where loads cannot be shifted by hand.

Here, the focus will be on large scale machinery that is designed to shift large loads that would entirely inappropriate to shift manually.

Dalmec is one company that supplies such machinery. The company's range of industrial manipulators for roll and bobbin handling are designed to solve the issues associated handling large rolls of film, paper and plastic.

These manipulators can provide significant time, safety and cost savings, as rolls or bobbins that would normally require two people to lift can be moved by just one worker. In fact, they can be used to lift and incline bobbins weighing up to 500kg.

As the name suggests, Millsom Materials Handling also specialises in materials handling equipment, including a variety of vacuum lifters that can lift, lower and load various materials.

These lifters are particularly useful as they allow for the safe, automatic lowering of loads in the event of a power failure.

Both of these solutions are described as safe for workers, but in more demanding loading dock environments, care may need to be taken to ensure workers are sufficiently protected from heavy equipment and stock.

Materials Handling P/L provides a range of solutions designed to ensure employee safety on loading docks, which can assist in optimising dock loading activities by minimising the risk of worker injury. The company states these solutions will add value by enhancing safety, reducing energy and cutting maintenance costs.

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