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One in 10 Bangladesh garment factories found to be structurally sound

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Bangladeshi engineers from one of the country’s top universities have found that only one in ten garment factories in Bangladesh is structurally sound.

According to AFP, the factories were inspected by a team from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology's (BUET) civil engineering department.

Mohammad Mujibur Rahman, head of the department said that his team inspected 66 buildings and found that only six of these were sound.

Rahman added that two of the buildings had cracks similar to those found at the Rana Plaza, two days before it collapsed in April.

His team requested that both buildings be closed down immediately. Authorities complied with these wishes and the buildings were closed.

"We've also asked the owners of another four structures to conduct detailed structural analysis immediately," Rahman said.

According to Rahman, around 40 per cent of the total buildings inspected "have significant cracks and distress". However, these do not impose any immediate danger and they will be more closely looked at in the next three months.

The remaining 60 per cent have minor structural problems but nothing significant.

"Most of these buildings are safe to operate under current loading patterns for the time being. But we have asked almost every building to conduct detailed structural analysis. And that job may take years to complete," Rahman added.

Bangladesh’s textile industry employs over 4 million people working in about 4,500 factories, and contributes roughly four fifths of the country’s exports.

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