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Minimising product damage in transit

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The growth of internet shopping has created a need for low cost solutions to stop damage to goods whilst in transit.  

Fromm “Airpad” pouches support all sizes of items in generic boxes, allowing massive savings in warehouse fill time and providing safe transportation for goods.

Upon delivery, the receiver simply deflates the air pouch and disposes of the recyclable film.  

Fromm Airpad protective packaging machines are  globally recognised, easy to use, highly reliable and completely eliminate transit damage.  Airpad machines produce air pillows at the touch of a button.  The size of the pillows can be fixed or varied depending on the model of the Fromm Airpad machine.  

Using “Airpads”, warehouse staff can completely eliminate transit damage by ensuring cartons are full and product movements are eliminated. 

Fromm Airpad machines can be rented, purchased or supplied free with film purchases.  

Fromm Airpad machines range from simple one size pillows, up to faster machines capable of changing air pillow sizes at the press of a button. Airpad films are high quality LLDPE, the air pillows are strong and won’t leak or deflate. Even anti-static films are available.

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