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Maintaining mining machinery - Safer coupler removal on site

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Mining is now all about efficiency and productivity on site. 

We no longer have the ability to ignore costs as we once did at the height of the boom. 

Costs are now spiralling and many miners are having to do more and more with less than before. 

If a worker can do a job better, faster, safer, then they are going to look to the technology to help them do that. 

For a relief team at a MMG's  Century zinc mine's workshop, heavy duty hydraulic pullers are helping them repair couplings and gearboxes faster and safer. 

"The boys used the puller to remove two couplings from a gearbox and a Warman pump," Anthony Calleja, MMG Century's Relief Team's leader explained.  

"It took no effort at all and a quarter of the time it would normally take with a lot less gear."  

The Posi Lock technology employed at the Queensland zinc mine  is part of a broader range of range of hydraulic and mechanical pullers from Enerpac that offer quick set up and faster, safer operation during the removal of heavy industrial components such as seals, retainers, bushings and inaccessible parts of engineering, electrical, manufacturing, mining, transport and other equipment. 

"All of our crew are impressed with this equipment.  

"I also used the 9.07 tonne Posi Lock on the electric motor for the electricians, removing a coupling.
"They couldn't believe how easy it was with the right type of gear," Calleja said.  

Posi Lock was supplied to MMG Century mine through Enerpac distributor Cooper Fluid Systems. 

"Anthony at MMG explained to me that he was having issues with trying to remove couplings from gearboxes and asked if we had anything that could help," Sandy Whyman explained.  

"I talked him through the hydraulic pullers in our catalogue and suggested which ones.  

"He [Calleja] was keen to get these pullers ordered," she said. 

Posi Lock technology acquired by MMG century includes a three-jaw 15-ton puller and a three-jaw 25- ton puller. 

It also has hydraulic grip pullers and Hydra-Lift technology to facilitate adjustment of vertical daylight on roll-frame presses. 

Available in two and three-jaw configurations, the pullers feature a patented 'Safety Cage' jaw retention system designed to enhance operator safety, increase operational precision, and minimise the possibility of damage to components being worked upon. 

The pullers' slim tapered jaws are designed to overcome the common problem of difficult access to important machinery components during overhaul and routine maintenance.  

Both the manual and the hydraulic Posi Locks offer efficiency as well as safety, because one man can do a job that often requires two men with other tools.  

The pullers will even grip on surfaces where normal pullers would typically slip off - for example, on tapered bearings, according to the company. 

When matched with Enerpac pumps, valving and special-purpose tools, the Posi Lock slices time, effort and risk from tasks such as lifting, forming, fabrication, bending, bolting, pressing, pulling, production automation and maintenance.  

Features of the Posi Lock range include manual models in capacities of 17 to 356 kN with roll-threaded shafts for less effort when applying high torque.  

Available with inside and outside pulling configurations, the expanded range includes maximum reaches from 101 to 355 millimetres spread ranges from 12-635 millimetres and weights from 1.4-30.8 kilograms.  

Hydraulic EPH models from 101 to 498 kN with maximum reach from 203 to 355 millimetres and spread range from 19 to 635 millimetres.  
The EPH range is available with ram point sets, long jaws and lift plates. 

For the heaviest pulling tasks, the EPH 100 ton hydraulic Grip Puller, which, when mounted on a roller cart, offers maximum reach of 1219 millimetres and spread range of 190 to 1778 millimetres.  

A hydraulic cylinder enables the puller to be operated from floor level to a height of 1.7 metres.  

Featuring adjustable jaw tips, the EPH includes multiple pushing adaptors. 

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