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Innovations in sustainable packaging: Visy creates PET beer bottles for Byron Bay Brewery

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article image The Byron Bay PET bottle is 86.9% lighter than a corresponding glass bottle
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The primary motivation behind most sustainable packaging solutions is a desire to minimise the environmental impact these products have at every stage in their life cycle. There are other motivations, however, as with the packaging we will discuss here, which was developed by Visy in part as a means to combat a growing social problem.

Visy is an Australian owned packaging, manufacturing and recycling company that specialises in the development and manufacture of innovative and sustainable packaging.

In partnership with Byron Bay Brewery, the company developed a unique new PET beer bottle that leverages proprietary PET bottle technology to ensure an extended shelf life, while maintaining the freshness and integrity of the beer contained within.

The new Byron Bay beer bottle was developed as a response to the sharp rise in glassing incidents across Australia, and the corresponding introduction of new liquor licensing laws that ban the serving of glass after midnight at key venues.

Weighing only 32.7g, the new bottle is 86.9% lighter than conventional glass bottles, with a case being around 4kg lighter than a comparable case in glass. In addition, the new bottle allows for 12% more volume of beer per bottle.

The upshot of these properties is that the PET bottle both eliminates the risk of glassing, while delivering environmental benefits through the supply chain due to its significant reduction in weight. Breakage during manufacturing or transport is also effectively eliminated.

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