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Innovations in sustainable packaging: VIP Packaging develops PET wine bottles for Wolf Blass

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article image VIP Packaging's PET wine bottle is 100% recyclable and shatterproof, while also weighing significantly less than an industry standard glass bottle
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This week on Ferret.com.au we are once again turning our attention to sustainable packaging solutions. Previously, we discussed practical ways manufacturers can embrace more environmentally sustainable packaging materials in warehouses, factories and distribution centres.

Whereas the focus in this last series was on reducing waste in industrial environments, most manufacturers moving towards sustainable packaging solutions will inevitably also need to revisit the materials used in packaging that is destined for retail shelves.

Here, then, we will discuss a number of innovative consumer packaging solutions that have been singled out by the Packaging Council of Australia for their laudable environmental properties, with a slight detour to look at another sustainable alternative to traditional wooden pallets.

The first company we will look at in this series is VIP Packaging , a plastic and steel packaging solutions provider that aims to deliver innovative technologies and sustainable outcomes for its customers and consumers.

Australian wine producer Wolf Blass contacted VIP Packaging to design a sustainable packaging alternative for a new wine range. Previously, all Wolf Blass wines were packaged in 750ml glass bottles.

Working with Wolf Blass over 12 months, VIP Packaging developed a 51g PET plastic bottle for the Wolf Blass Green Label range. This innovative PET bottle requires 29% less greenhouse gas emissions to produce when compared to standard glass wine bottles, a figure that is substantiated by a full product Life Cycle Assessment.

The PET bottle is not only cleaner to produce, but at 51g, it is substantially lighter than industry standard 515g glass bottles, in turn reducing transportation costs and further reducing the greenhouse gas emissions required to deliver the bottle from the factory to the retail shelf.

100% recyclable and shatterproof, the PET bottle also reflects a major breakthrough from a technological perspective.

Using DiamondClear oxygen scavenging technology under exclusive license from Constar International, VIP Packaging's PET bottle actually keeps wine fresher for longer when compared to competitor active oxygen scavenging technologies, while ensuring the same quality, taste and packaging aesthetics as a traditional Wolf Blass wine in glass.

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