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Innovations in sustainable packaging: Pharmaceutical packaging solutions from Colorpak

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article image Colorpak's ampoule matrix makes packing and unpacking medical vials easier, while also reducing space needed for storage
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In this, the second part of this series, we turn our attention to Colorpak Packaging , and two innovative sustainable packaging solutions the company has developed for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Colorpak Packaging is an Australian packaging company that has developed strong relationships with clients in a number of leading industries, including:
  • pharmaceutical
  • healthcare
  • food
  • confectionery
  • cosmetics; and
  • wine.
The first innovation we will look at is a medical vial storage unit. In developing this packaging solution, Colorpak was motivated by a desire to create an environmentally sustainable, easily packed and transported carton that could be reused.

Traditionally, medical vials and test tubes are stored in polystyrene units, which take up a great deal of storage space for customers when delivered, as well as during transportation.

Colorpak's solution was to develop a storage unit that is made from unprinted, fully recyclable and biodegradable cartonboard. This unit can hold up to forty vials, while requiring around 60% less storage space. Manufactured from 100% PEFC (Pan-European Forest Certification) certified material, once packed the unit is easily stacked for transport and storage.

Colorpak has also developed a sustainable packaging alternative for transporting ampoules. In this case, the company was contacted by a client that wanted a quicker system for packing ampoules. The client also wanted to eliminate the need for two separate pieces of the packaging to be made from different materials.

The glass medical vials/ampoules were previously packed in vacuum formed plastic trays, which were then placed into an outer carton, a method of supply that was not only unsustainable, but also costly for all involved.

Colorpak's solution was to develop an ampoule matrix that utilises a one piece design for more efficient handling while packing and unpacking the medical vials.

Also made from 100% PEFC certified material, the carton is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The design of the matrix also eliminated the need to use other packaging materials while reducing space required for storage.

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