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Innovations in sustainable packaging: Detpak reinvents takeaway food pails

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article image Detpak's board handled pail is constructed for board sourced from 100% plantation forests
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When it comes to sustainability, the most ubiquitous kinds of packaging are the most troublesome. Common packaging products are inevitably manufactured in far greater quantities than more niche packaging solutions, so any attempt to reduce the amount of raw materials used in their construction, or to reduce the amount of waste generated from the process, can have significant large scale benefits to the supply chain, and the environment.

Already in this series we have looked at two sustainable packaging solutions for alcohol products, a fairly common consumer purchase. Here, we turn to another common consumer item, takeaway food, to discuss a sustainable food pail developed by Detpak .

A part of the Detmold Packaging Group, Detpak supplies specialty packaging solutions designed specifically for the needs of the foodservice industry.

The company notes that it continually explores new opportunities in the way it structures its products and the materials it uses. This approach has led Detpak to create a new style of pail for takeaway food.

Detpak's board handled pail is constructed entirely from carton board. This construction ensures that the handles of the pail are far sturdier when compared to traditional wire handles. Combined with holes for chopsticks, this eliminates the need for plastic carry bags if up to two are being purchased.

In addition, the manufacture of the new pail uses fewer substrates, with all carton board material sourced from 100% plantation forests. As the board handle consumes more board than a traditional wire handle, Detpak reduced the size of the pail to compensate.

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