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Improving productivity and reducing costs: Top materials handling solutions from Ferret.com.au

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When manually handling heavy loads, often more than one person is required to ensure goods are transported safety and with minimal risk to workers. This can be costly in both time and money, so utilising automated systems can have a number of benefits for industrial businesses, assisting in ensuring a safe work environment while also improving productivity.

Here we look at a number of recent articles on Ferret.com.au discussing ways in which manufacturers and other industrial businesses can incorporate automated systems into materials handling tasks in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Transform productivity and efficiency for the better with industrial robots from ABB Australia

Industrial robots can not only improve workplace safety and minimise labour costs, but can also assist in ensuring product quality and consistency while saving space. In the first article focusing on industrial robotics supplier ABB Australia, we discuss these benefits in more detail before looking at a palletising robot function package designed to greatly improve ease of use for integrators and lower the hurdle to entry into automation in end-of-line palletising applications.

ABB Australia's industrial robots for arc welding, material handling and assembly applications

In the second part of this series, we discuss an ABB robotic arc welder that combines 24/7 production output with 50% lower cost of maintenance, providing what the company describes as the lowest cost per weld in its class. We then turn to a compact industrial robot that weighs only 25kg and is designed for use in material handling and assembly applications.

Innovative monitoring system for floor conveyors without a driver's cabin

As several experts from STW note, moving extremely heavy loads via floor conveyors with radio remote control has always been risky in areas with foot traffic. Here, STW Project Manager Christoph Filser, Vice Manager R&D/Functional Safety Manager Rolf Jung and Computer Scientist Tobias Heilig discuss the development of the Kuka OmniMove, an innovative solution to this problem that promises to eliminate the risk entirely while meeting all relevant functional safety standards.

What are pneumatic manipulators, and how can they benefit your business?

Pneumatic manipulators employ air pressure actuators to counterbalance loads. They render a load weightless, enabling one operator to safely and efficiently handle loads or perform tasks that would typically require two or more workers. In this article, we discuss further benefits of these machines in addition to the variety of applications where they can be employed.

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