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Gas industry ‘makeover’ needed to close age gap

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New research from the International Gas Union indicates that Australia’s gas industry needs an image ‘makeover’ to address its widening age gap and shortfall of skilled workers.
Gas industry advisor, Barbara Jinks will present findings from the three-year research project at the Australasian Oil & Gas Conference (AOG) to be held in Perth in February. The project investigated key issues that impacted attracting and retaining talent in the gas industry in 25 countries.
According to Jinks, the research data showed the Australian gas industry was viewed as a less attractive career option when compared with alternative industries, particularly among young people and women. The research concluded that the gas industry needed a ‘makeover’ in the form of a coordinated marketing campaign to communicate the industry’s career benefits and attract the right kind of talent.
Jinks said the research had confirmed a significant age gap in the Australian gas industry and found that major demographical changes are on the way, with as many as two-thirds of employees planning to retire in the next 15-20 years in some regions. Interestingly, over 50% of retirees return to the industry on a part-time basis.
The research also showed shortcomings among gas companies in being adequately prepared for the significant transition in their teams, with many of the workforce reaching retirement age.
The International Gas Union research considered a variety of factors including the perception of a career in gas operations by both older and younger generations, evidence of an age/skills gap, recruitment, retention, training and knowledge management.
Jinks’ AOG Conference presentation will include case studies demonstrating how the implementation of a workforce management model contributes to improved levels of employee satisfaction, increased recruitment and retention, lower voluntary turnover, reduced stress and incidents, and increased company profit.
Jinks’ presentation will be just one of the highlights of an entire session dedicated to resourcing and the challenges of sourcing and retaining skills in a competitive market.
AOG will also join forces with leading universities and energy employers to encourage the next generation of oil and gas leaders at the AOG Graduate Careers Day on 22 February.
The AOG will take place at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from 20-22 February 2013.
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