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Ferret.com.au highlights some of the newest developments in test and measurement equipment

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article image The Ti105 thermal imager assists in identifying potential problems with electrical and mechanical equipment and components
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In this new regular feature on Ferret.com.au , we look at a specific category of products and services, and discuss some of the latest and greatest innovations in that particular industry from the diverse range of mining, manufacturing and industrial businesses listed on the site.

Within the test and measurement industry there is ongoing demand for greater accuracy and higher definition, a fact that makes Ferret.com.au's test and measurement section one of the most frequently updated on the site.

Test and measurement products, processes and software packages are constantly being developed, refined and redesigned to accommodate technological advancements in the industries they cater to.

Industries where they are utilised on a regular basis include the:

  • aggregates and mining industry
  • chemical industry
  • energy production
  • renewable energy
  • food and beverage industry
  • metal processing
  • oil and gas industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • environment and recycling industry; and the
  • water and waste water industry.
Below, our primary focus is on testing equipment, though we will look at thermal imagers for evaluating and reporting heat related issues, and a dew-point transmitter used to monitor and control moisture levels.

Fluke Australia's new high performance thermal imagers
The Ti105 and TiR105 are the latest addition to Fluke's range of lightweight yet rugged thermal imagers. They feature IR-Fusion technology, which makes identifying and documenting problems easier by providing a 'picture in picture' infrared image on top of a digital image.

The Ti105 is designed for use in maintaining and inspecting electrical and mechanical equipment and components to ensure that potential problems are identified before they become costly failures.

The TiR105 assists building inspection and energy audit professionals to evaluate, document and report insulation problems, air leakage, moisture issues, or construction defects.

Vitrek AC and DC safety and Hi-Pot testers supplied by Westek Electronics
Vitrek's V7X Hi-Pot testers and ground bond testers are designed for conducting safety tests in accordance with IEC, TUV, CSA and UL regulations. Several models are available in the range, all of which offer resistance measurement to 60kW with a resolution to 0.001W. They also feature a colour touch screen for clear visualisation of test results and control.

Two models in the range are designed for insulation resistance measurement between 20 volts and 5,000 volts DC, while another, the Vitrek V70, is suitable for 5,000 volts AC testing only.

Michell Instruments' easy to install intrinsically safe dew-point transmitters
Available in Australia from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration, Michell Instruments' newly upgraded Easidew I.S. intrinsically safe dew-point transmitters can be supplied with three process connection options:

  • ¾” UNF
  • ⅝” UNF; and
  • G½” BSP.
They are used to monitor moisture in H2 generation, controlling moisture levels in pipeline transmission and moisture measurement in hazardous areas within the power generation industry. Due to their wide measurement range, a single sensor can be kept in stock to cover all customer ranges, which AMS notes is ideal for OEMs.

BB60A real-time signal analysers from Signal Hound
Clarke & Severn Electronics is the local distributor for Signal Hound, which has recently introduced a new high performance real-time RF recording signal analyser and spectrum analyser.

The BB60A real-time signal analyser offers 20MHz of real-time bandwidth, tuning from 9kHz to 6.0GHz, collection of 80M samples/second, and the capability to stream data to the user’s computer via USB 3.0 at 140MB/sec.

It weighs just 0.28kg, and operates in a temperature range of 0°C to 60°C.

Galaxy GX2 automated test system for portable gas detectors
MSA's Galaxy GX2 automated test system efficiently manages the testing and calibration of portable gas detectors, and can function as a standalone unit or as an integrated portable detector management system.

Key features include:

  • easy set up with touch-free testing
  • smooth and seamless management of gas detector fleets
  • proactive safety management via MSA Link Pro Software
  • a reduction in total cost of ownership through reduced calibration gas usage and faster testing times; and
  • support for 18 languages chosen via the on screen menu to serve customers globally.

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