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Eliminating odours, bacteria and viruses in the workplace: BioZone Induct HVAC systems

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article image BioZone's InDuct system efficiently and effectively breaks down a range of chemical and organic contaminants
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While certainly not a concern in every industrial environment, odours, bacteria and viruses can cause health problems if workers are exposed to insufficiently ventilated areas for extended periods of time.

Ventilation bacteria/virus contamination and mould formation causes issues such as sick building syndrome.

Many ducting and ventilation systems designed for use in industrial environments readily tackle problems associated dust and particulate matter in the air, but relatively few solutions offer protection against a wide range of chemical and organic contaminants.

One solution that does tackle these contaminants is BioZone Scientific International 's Induct system. As the company notes, when dealing with organic compounds in the air:
  • traditional cleaning can’t clean all areas, and cannot offer 24/7 protection from odour and bacteria formation
  • air fresheners typically mask odours and do not decompose the source or reduce bacteria; and
  • air filtration is limited, expensive and high maintenance.
The BioZone Induct system uses patented UV lights to create Photoplasma, negative ions and ozone, offering an overall solution for combating airborne organics.

BioZone Scientific states that its purifying plasma can reach places no other cleaning technology can, and continues sterilisation 24/7.

Photoplasma actively attach to chemical and organic contaminants, effectively and efficiently destroying the cell membrane and DNA of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds.

In addition, it effectively and efficiently breaks down the chemical bonds in chemical pollutants such as nicotine, VOCs and ammonia, while disinfecting surface bacteria and viruses.

Detailed though not exhaustive lists of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans eliminated with, and chemicals broken down by BioZone’s technology can be found by clicking here.

Further features of the InDuct system include the ability to:
  • increase and protect the health and effectiveness of a work force with purer air
  • extending the effect of manual cleaning and avoiding the need to purchase costly new systems; and
  • keeping A/C units free of organic growth, thus keeping the efficiency of A/C units high.

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