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Design safety to be explored in ‘explosive’ conference session at AOG 2012

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Ahead of the AOG 2012 conference, Dr Madhat Abdel-jawad, President of GexCon Australia asks oil and gas operators to place an even greater emphasis on safety in the design of oil and gas facilities to safeguard against explosion accidents.  

Dr Abdel-jawad will make a presentation on ‘Safety in Design’ at the upcoming Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference (AOG), exploring the industry’s understanding of explosions and reviewing some important lessons in explosion risk for oil and gas installations.  

While the oil and gas industry has made great strides in the safe design of installations in recent years, he stresses that there is still much room for improvement.  

Dr Abdel-jawad explains that safety needs to be a key design parameter, given that advances in technology allow a more detailed analysis of explosion consequences to be carried out now than in the past.  

GexCon has carried out a number of significant explosion experiments since the 1970s seeking to increase understanding of explosion phenomena, and has also investigated well-known explosion accidents such as Piper Alpha and Buncefield.  

Though industry’s understanding of explosions has increased dramatically since the 1970s, Dr Abdel-jawad believes that a number of problems still remain unsolved.  

He points to major industrial accidents such as the Piper Alpha explosion and the Buncefield incident that have not only forced the industry to increase their understanding of explosion phenomena, but also resulted in paradigm shifts in the field. But a few problems such as the effect of turbulence on deflagration to detonation transition will be around for many years to come.  

Dr Abdel-jawad said he hoped conference delegates would come away from his presentation with a greater understanding and awareness of explosion phenomena and some tips on how to design facilities to safeguard against explosions.  

His presentation is one in an entire session dedicated to safety and integrity management at the AOG Conference.  

AOG 2012 will also feature a presentation from Michael Tooma, Partner at Norton Rose, looking at the design failures at the heart of recent major disasters across the oil and gas, nuclear and mining industries, and a discussion on managing the risks of FLNG (floating liquefied natural gas) with Jeff Baker, Energy Business Manager, Western Australia, Lloyd’s Register Asia.  

AOG 2012 will be held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from 22 February to 24 February.

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