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Company Focus: Conveyor sortation systems and custom robotic automation solutions from CASI

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In the final part of this series, we turn to conveyor sortation systems and custom robotic automation solutions, discussing the benefits of adopting a system designed, engineered and manufactured by CASI ANZ .

Conveyor Sortation Systems

At the heart of CASI's conveyor sortation systems lies SolidRoute, a comprehensive solution for automatic sortation, routing and merge control. Using the software, users can track products and gain access to performance diagnostics and reports.

The SolidRoute solution is designed to provide superior sortation tracking and acknowledgement, in addition to performance diagnostics and reports. Configurable parameters and drop down menus allow for a high degree of flexibility in routing and sorting.

The destination of cartons can be changed on the fly using the SolidRoute system, and mapped routing and sortation routines can be saved for use at a later date. All common forms of routing and sortation are supported by the system's sortation logic, such as random, sequential priority, round robin, first lane, single lane, zone route, wave and consolidation.

Functionally, SolidRoute is designed to seamlessly integrate with fixed position scanners, RF tag readers, in line scales and conveyor controls. In addition, it utilises the SolidComm data management module (mentioned in the first part of this series) as a single point interface into legacy applications.

SolidRoute can be used in a range of applications, including:

  • high speed carton sortation
  • automated order fulfilment
  • automated returns processing
  • automated shipping and manifesting
  • zone routing of cartons and totes; and
  • single point of control.

Custom Robotic Automation Solutions

Especially when it comes to robotics, extensive experience dealing with automated systems is invaluable when designing and engineering a turnkey solution.

CASI has decades of technical knowledge and experience in this area, enabling the company to objectively guide its customers through a complete range of technologies and design possibilities to ensure the custom solution provided is optimised to deliver the greatest productivity gains.

Utilising an engineered system integration methodology, CASI can eliminate weeks, if not months, of integration schedules when designing such a system, avoiding the disruptive downtime typical of custom systems built 'on site'. The upshot of this integration methodology for customers is reduced risk and a significant return on investment goals.

Custom robotic automation solutions provided by CASI include:

  • automatic box openers
  • custom robotic case erectors
  • depalletising systems
  • end of line palletisers
  • palletising systems; and
  • pick and place systems.

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