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Company Focus: CASI ANZ's automated order picking and data collection systems

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article image CASI's PickMaster 120 automatic picking system is designed for high volume, split case item oriented picking
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In the first article in this series, we introduced the design and manufacturing services provided by CASI ANZ , before discussing the company's approach to automated product labelling.

Here, we will focus on order picking systems, which the company can supply for picking applications on any scale, and data collection systems that are designed to ensure efficient and productive data collection at many points in the distribution cycle.

Order Picking Systems

Ranging from the most basic operator assisted pick and pack systems to the most state of the art fully automated systems, CASI offers a full line of technologies for automating order fulfilment requirements.

The company's applications engineers are experienced in order picking system design, and available to assist in the design of the design of a turnkey system appropriate to operational requirements.

Order picking methods can vary as much as the distribution centres in which they are used. Factors that will affect a decision on the most appropriate method for order picking include:

  • the characteristics of the product being handled
  • total number of transactions
  • total number of orders
  • picks per order
  • quantity per pick
  • picks per SKU
  • total number of SKUs
  • value-added processing such as private labelling; and
  • whether piece pick, case pick, or full-pallet loads are being handled.
In many cases a combination of picking methods is needed to handle diverse product and order characteristics.

CASI's SolidPick module allows for multiple picking methodologies, allowing engineers to match the picking methodology to the operation and ROI requirement.

SolidPick is an operator prompted split case order picking system used to streamline pick modules. It is designed to save time and labour by automating the item selection process and providing automated feedback via CASI's Core picking interface or SolidSuite 2010 web based applications using .Net technology.

All picking technologies are supported by SolidPick. Some of the technologies supported include:

  • basic order picking (only effective for very low volume DCs)
  • pick to monitor
  • RF terminal picking
  • pick to light
  • voice directed picking
  • automatic dispensing
  • mini load systems; and
  • robotic picking systems.

Barcode Systems and Data Collection Systems

As mentioned in the first part of this series, one of CASI's strengths lies in the fact that it custom designs, engineers and executes manufacturing in-house, enabling the company to provide turnkey solutions for a range of applications, including data collection.

CASI can provide turnkey data collection systems for warehouses or factory floor applications that include both hardware and software customised for particular uses. Typical systems are designed using existing UPC or other barcodes to drive picking, putaway, and other data to the barcode system, and often incorporate portable data collection systems.

Incorporating a portable data collection system into a distribution centre will enable an enterprise to increase productivity by enabling orders to be processed more rapidly, hence reducing labour and eliminating shipping errors, costly returns and customer complaints.

Data collection systems can be designed that utilise barcodes, RFID and other technologies. Examples of some of the applications for these systems include:

  • shop floor data collection
  • batch data collection
  • fixed assets tracking
  • inventory management
  • RF shipping
  • RF receiving
  • RF picking; and
  • wireless data collection.

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