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Choosing the right portable data logger

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With such a comprehensive range of data logger providers and brands available in the market, it can prove to be quite difficult to choose the right one.

Many data loggers vary between general purpose models for a range of measurement applications, to very specific applications. Given that many users will be off site or on the field, portability, ease of use, interface and internal memory storage are just some of the features to look out for.

testo offer a broad range of wireless data loggers for humidity and temperature measurements. The Saveris range is easy and safe to use, with automated and centralised data recording that will save time.

These wireless temperature and humidity data loggers are ideal for monitoring the storage climate of temperature sensitive products such as valuable inventory, medicines and highly perishable food products.

The ALMEMO™ data loggers from Bestech Australia boasts one of the most professional measurement and documentation device in the market, designed for R&D and process control applications. The units provide a single measuring instrument for all types of measurement, with only the sensors requiring change depending on the environment and the application.

National Instruments’ own 4-channel USB temperature data logger is designed specifically for thermocouple measurements. The USB design promises to make it user-friendly, with its plug-and-play connectivity for fast set-up and measurements.

Data logging devices have the ability to automatically collect data, which can be used to monitor, analyse and paint a picture of the environment conditions. As technology becomes more advanced, the cost of data loggers have reduced over the years, making them more affordable for the end user.

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