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Autodesk expands Clean Technology Partner Program

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article image Autodesk is calling for Aussie innovators to put their best green ideas forward
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Autodesk is calling for Aussie innovators to put their best green ideas forward, and has expanded its Clean Technology Partner Program, which also runs in North America, Japan, Europe, Israel and Singapore, to Australia and New Zealand.

“With the size of the clean tech market, certainly the appetite for Australian companies and entrepreneurs to get involved in it, we thought it was a really quite sensible that we also got a Clean Tech Partner program in concert with the clean tech comp,” explained Karsten Hojberg, the manufacturing sales development manager for APAC for Autodesk.
Hojberg’s company’s technology, which includes software covering product lifecycle management and its Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD design program for digital prototypes, is offering its software to successful Australian applicants for the partner program. Autodesk is offering $150,000 worth of its software for $50 to clean tech innovators seeking affordable simulation.
Successfully 3D simulating was “one of the most critical aspects of the manufacturing process,” Hojberg told Ferret.com.au

“When you talk about any aspects of design, any reduction in failure or reduction in risk or even, when we’re talking about sustainability, any issues around how sustainable a product will be in terms of its material or usage is all done at the design phase.
"So if you’re able to use a methodology like digital prototyping to be able to do your design process you have to be able to simulate that digital process as it would turn out in the real world.”

Enter Nexus eWater, Autodesk’s first Australian Clean Tech Partner. Nexus is a maker of on-site water and energy recycling technology, and claims that its reCycler product, which recycles grey water for reuse and extracts waste heat in the water to be stored in a hot water tank, uses 75 per cent less energy and 45 per cent less water than regular methods.
Nexus’s product is in the process of being commercialised and CEO Craig Richmond describes his company, which began in 2009, as being a “classic start-up early stage venture".
“We’ve only just taken our first equity investment in the last few weeks from an investor in the United States,” noted Richmond.
“And the United States at this point is a key market opportunity and we are very active over there hoping to bring our products to that market from later this year onwards.”
Nexus used Autodesk Inventor for prototyping purposes, designing and simulation testing a tank for capturing grey water that would have cost $10,000 to build a prototype of to test the pressures t would be exposed to in the ground.

“With this modelling software that we’re using through Autodesk we’re actually able to model its performance and strength and ensure it will cope with the environment that they will be installed in, without the actual physical prototypes,” he said.
“For a cash-strapped business such as ours, this process has proven to be invaluable.”
Click on the below links for more information on either this year’s Australian Clean Technologies Competition (entries close on June 3) or the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner program. 

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