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RPCM Cool Vests from Glacier Tek available from Ferno

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article image The Classic RPCM Cool Vest.

The Cool Vest, now available from Ferno Australia , features RPCM technology designed to keep the body at a comfortable even in the most extreme heated environments.

The RPCM vests feature cool packs that maintain the body's temperature, allowing workers to remain in hot temperatures for longer without having to rotate as regularly with colleagues.

The key features of the RPCM Cool Vest include:

  • Maintains a constant, dry temperature in extreme temperatures
  • Manufactured from non-toxic materials
  • User friendly
  • Cool packs are included
  • Wearers stay dry as cool packs do not produce condensation;and
  • Lightweight and have adjustable straps to allow for comfort.

There are several designs of Cool Vest available from Ferno Australia and include the following:
  • Classic RPCM Cool Vest - suitable for individuals working in extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time
  • High Visibility RPCM Cool Vest - ideal for those required to wear high visibility garments;and
  • Fire Retardent RPCM Cool Vest - suitable for workers where sparks or flames are present.

After buying sixty Cool Vests from Ferno Australia, Ross Lundberg, Visy Paper explains "We have broken 3 production records for the last 3 months. The increased productivity from employees has allowed the vests to pay for themselves, making the RPCM™ Cool Vest a worthwhile investment."

Further information  about RPCM Cool Vests can be found on the Ferno website.

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