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Ferno receives further NATA accreditation

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article image Testing equipment at Ferno’s NATA approved facility.

Ferno Australia has been awarded accreditation for AS/NZS4488.1Industrial Rope Access Systems – Specifications (1997). This permits Ferno to test ascenders, descenders and rope grabs under Australia’s accreditation agency, National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), which a world-renowned testing authority.

This new accreditation can be used in combination with Ferno’s existing AS/NZS1891.1 received in 2007 for testing of industrial safety harnesses, energy absorbing lanyards and pole straps. Growing demand for Ferno’s height safety products among industries such as construction, mining, utilities and rescue meant that Ferno needed to look internally to streamline design and testing processes so the company could scale up manufacturing capacity and fast-track distribution while maintaining consistency of product quality and reliability.

“This should give assurance to customers that our laboratories, and our products, meet stringent conditions through reliable testing, inspection, measurement and calibration,” Ms Jury said.

“The benefit for customers is that we can develop and certify our products to customer requirements much quicker than we have in the past.  Because we can observe how the products react in testing this gives us a better idea of how to improve problem areas and make changes quickly so that we can re-test.  It also cuts down on costs involved in certification.  There is no freight cost and the cost of testing at our own facility is much less than sending samples to external testing bodies.  This reduces development costs for both Ferno which we can pass on to our customers,” she said.

The NATA testing involved subjecting Ferno’s harnesses, energy absorbing lanyards, pole straps, decenders and rope grabs to static and dynamic testing as set out in the relevant NATA standard and appendices. Ferno’s Dynamic Testing Tower was calibrated in-house by Ferno staff under the direction of NATA and the master rulers, weighing scales, 100kg Test Dummy, 100kg Mass, Testing Cylinders, electronic protractor, dial gauge and Static test bed were calibrated by external calibration authorities. All equipment used for NATA testing is carefully quarantined and is not used for any other purpose.

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