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Engineering and manufacturing training resources from Feed Forward Publications

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Feed Forward Publications  offers engineering and manufacturing training resources and maintenance management resources for practicing engineers, technologists, machinists, maintenance technicians, machine operators and students of industrial machines. The online educational articles, electronic books and software offered by Feed Forward Publications provide its users with complete application knowledge in their fields of interest. Feed Forward Publications also organises industrial seminars and training sessions on the latest developments and innovations in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Feed Forward Publications stocks the following varieties of online resources; PLC training and simulation, maintenance policy and procedures manual e-book, maintenance management power point presentations, electrical troubleshooting skills training series, gas and air compressor training CD’s and PID control basics interactive PID simulator CD’s. Feed Forward Publications also stocks a range of electronic books on engineering, maintenance, management and reliability.

Operating procedures for process plants is an electronic book distributed by Feed Forward Publications that discusses on strategies to write standard operating manuals. Feed Forward Publications also offers online publishing services that help industrial writers to publish their works.

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