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Spam Police - email, virus and spam protection

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article image Works with any mail server.

FATPIPE’S powerful anti-spam points system, Spam Police, uses a highly structured approach that provides a complete process for quickly identifying and blocking spam attacks. When email messages are received, Spam Police analyses them for spam, phishing scams and virus characteristics.

End users can customise individual Spam Police settings. Messages deemed as spam are not passed along to the email server. A report is available for each message so organisations and/or individuals know exactly why an email is or is not deemed spam.

Email users will receive and read messages the same way they always have, but without sorting through all the junk email they received before implementing Spam Police.

The system also reviews potential viruses with 20,000+ virus signatures. These are automatically updated 24 times a day to ensure all virus infected emails are quarantined and do not reach the email server.

Features include:

* Turing Test - Challenge Sender Response test

* Search - performs Boolean logic - and/or/near searches for keywords and phrases in email messages)

* Bounces junk email - tricks senders by informing the recipient the email isn't valid, therefore the email is removed from mailing lists

* Anti-virus scanning

* Flexible user configuration options

* User notify - sends email to employees explaining the deployment of Spam Police and how to use the program

* Auto-responder - Spam Police sends out an auto-response to all incoming messages while an employee is away from the office

* Text filtering

* Harmful virus attachment removal

* Strips HTML from messages and sends a text version to the recipient

* Web interface - view spam configurations and all email messages received at the administration and end user levels

* PC interface - view spam configurations and all email messages received at the administration and end user levels

* Hobbies and interests - allows users/administrators to enter a list or keywords of emails they would like to receive

* Auto-update - keeps the program up-to-date with new analysers and blacklists

* Checks messages against IP-DNS blacklists

* Imports friends - easily import friends from Outlook and Eudora into whitelist

* Whitelist - list of valid senders

* TagMode - allows users to receive all messages in their inbox and mark spam messages as spam instead of holding all spam messages in quarantine

* Quarantine - hold of messages received for X amount of days

* Message compression - compresses messages to take up as little space possible

* Works with any mail server

* E-Mail stamps - ability to charge senders a fee to allow emails through the system.

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