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IPVPN added to Australasian market

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FATPIPE Networks has released its IPVPN product to the Australasian market. IPVPN incorporates some of the features of the WARP product with additional elements suitable for small to medium enterprises, educational institutions and the health sector using private networks.

FatPipe IPVPN applys to organisations with a frame relay who are looking for redundancy and reliability for storage application by using a lower cost VPN as a backup. The company can add a lower cost VPN for a backup to provide additional reliability and redundancy to the existing frame by using IPVPN.

The IPVPN product allows the company to bond and fail-over the multiple connections. Companies can also use ‘policy routing’ to set rules that will multiplex the site-to-site traffic across multiple lines or set up in failover mode where the primary is frame and the secondary is VPN.

This is suitable for storage replication in cases where the organisation wants to use a specific connection for transmission of particular types of data.

Adding managed VPN services for increased reliability and redundancy is important for many companies. FatPipe IPVPN provides the company with the option of working with VPN at the company’s office end or with a managed VPN service provided by a telco as a back up for data transmission.

In either case, IPVPN allows the company to handle site to site traffic. IPVPN also works with multiple managed VPN services providers to provide the highest reliability, redundancy, speed and security for VPN transmissions.

IPVPN is relevant for organisations that want to backup or migrate out of private and frame network to managed CPE/VPN. It can be used to bond private and public lines together easily and securely to achieve redundancy for the company’s VPN without the need for BGP/NNI programming or any ISP cooperation.

FatPipe IPVPN has all the features of WARP and also works with MPLS based VPNs. It is available in five bandwidth ranges namely: 2Mbps, 5Mpbs, 10Mbps, 50Mbps and 155Mbps. All sizes come in 4U industrial standard chassis with 4WAN ports and 1LAN port, except 2Mbps (1U chassis) unit.

All units are designed with high cooling and can be configured with a second failover unit as a high availability pair for achieving the world's highest redundancy and reliability.

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