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Fastracker GPS tracking device from Fastwave Communications

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Fastwave Communications  provides global satellite communication solutions that include remote tracking solutions. Remote tracking solutions delivered by Fastwave Communications include autonomous tracking and surveillance solutions, personnel tracking and mobile asset as well as equipment tracking. Fastwave Communications offers autonomous tracking solution such as Fastracker.

Fastracker is a portable global satellite GPS tracking device capable of both personnel tracking as well as mobile asset tracking. This portable GPS tracking device has a total weight of about 850 grams that can be either placed in a backpack or clipped to a belt for personnel tracking solutions.

It consists of a remote panic alarm for sending panic alarms in less time. Fastracker offered by Fastwave Communications is also suited for mobile asset tracking applications. Various features of this tracking device include global coverage, internal rechargeable battery, autonomous and self contained unit and waterproof device. Fastracker portable GPS tracking device provided by Fastwave Communications transmits the GPS data using the iridium satellite.

Farsight Iridium surveillance solutions provided by Fastwave Communications has been specifically designed for surveillance of remote installations, isolated coastlines, airstrips, unmanned offshore platforms, automated lighthouses as well as wildlife reserves.

Fastwave Communications also provides FastComm mobile tracking device that can be configured with several communication options including iridium voice and SMS services, GSM as well as GPRS services.

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