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Process control solutions from Fastron Technologies

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Fastron Technologies  operates from Melbourne and provides solutions, products and components to various markets such as electrical instrumentation, energy monitoring, process control and power electronics.

The product portfolio of Fastron Technologies in the process control market includes: indicators, metres, recorders, signal conditioners and timers, power controllers, process controllers, sensors, probes, transducers, solid state contactors and solid state switches.

Fastron Technologies provides temperature control packages according to the requirements of the user. Fastron Technologies infra-red temperature controllers provide non-contact temperature measurement, and do not require a converter or power supply. 

Fastron Technologies supplies both current and voltage AC transducers. The clamp on probe is a compact hand-held device that measures the non-contact current. It is available as an externally powered or self powered model.

Fastron Technologies’ F100 Series has a maximum rating 90 A. This is provided with a varistor output suppressor and uses a solid state relay switching element.

Fastron Technologies offers monitoring units for a wide range of applications. Fastron Technologies offers nine different types of monitoring units. Each model can be used for monitoring a specific parameter such as multi-voltage, light, current control, etc.

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