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Fastron Technologies  supplies High Power Semiconductors including Thyristors, Diodes, Bridges, IGBT's and Solid State Relays in both discrete, isolated module and multi-chip types.

Lower Power Semiconductors and a range of PCB mount components such as Diodes, Bridges, IGBT's, Mosfets, Pulse Transformers, Filters, Chokes, Varistors, Solid State Relays and Hall Effect Sensors are also available.

Fastron Technologies also supplies a range of standard and custom engineered products including Semiconductor Heat Sink Assemblies, Semiconductor Protection Fuses (Trent), Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers (OZtherm) and other related components, products and services.

Custom products such as special purpose solid state contactors/controllers and isolated, AC/DC current and voltage transducers can also be designed, developed and manufactured to your specification supported by our in-house CAD-CAM and PCB design facility.

Fastron Technologies range of components for power electronics include the following:

High power semiconductors including solid state relays

Cooling management components:

  • Heat sink and water cooler assemblies
  • AC fans and DC Fans
  • Extruded heatsinks

Power seminductor drivers, including pulse transformers and IGBT drivers.

Mounting hardware

  • Double sided clamps
  • Box clamps
  • Isolated stand-offs

Thyristor firing cards

  • Single phase controllers
  • Three phase controllers
  • Three phase AC switches
  • Solid state contactors

Current sensors and voltage sensors

  • AC / DC

As well as the following:

  • Protection fuses
  • Chokes
  • Varistors
  • Snubbers

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