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Engineering and site services from Fastron Technologies

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Fastron Technologies  provides engineering and site services. Some of the site services provided by Fastron Technologies include commissioning of its own solutions and products, as well as project work and more.

Fastron Technologies also provides measurement solutions and on-site emergency maintenance and repair. The on-site service includes finding defects in systems or equipment that use controllers, heat sink assemblies, power semiconductors, process instruments, and temperature and thyristor (SCR) controllers.

Fastron Technologies provides refurbishment and repair services regardless of whether the original system was provided by Fastron intself or by a different manufacturer. The equipment for which Fastron Technologies provides refurbishment and repair include chart recorders, digital meters, power semiconductors, transducers etc.

Fastron Technologies operates a development laboratory that is fully equipped for supporting various processes, including: calibration, upgrade, repair and testing of temperature controllers, fault analysis, and repair, upgrade and testing of OZtherm power controllers.

Fastron Technologies provides testing of power semiconductors for the determination of equipment not in specification. Fastron Technologies also recommends replacement of equipment and assist in selection of critical parameters such as holding current, gate current, peak inverse voltage and volt drop.

Fastron Technologies provides training, demonstrations and presentations. Fastron also offers specialised advice regarding product selection. Training courses can be provided by Fastron Technologies to suit the needs of the customer.

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